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Highschool of the Dead Returns Spring 2013

Highschool of the Dead Returns Spring 2013

After a long 2 year hiatus, Highschool of the Dead will be returning this Spring, 2013. Fans of the series never gave up hope, and it looks like that hope will finally pay off this year! The return is revealed by these photos of the new publications for the manga’s fifth and sixth volumes which will be in full color. The wrap around band on the manga publications states that it will be returning soon. Another photo shows a full page advertisement saying that the manga is returning Spring 2013. Although currently no return date has been specified, we will keep you informed as new information on the series is revealed. Stay tuned, with the return of the manga, Highschool of the Dead Season 2 of the anime series looks like it may finally return in 2013 as well!

Check out these images of Highschool of the Dead Manga volumes 5 & 6:


  1. i have been WAITING FOR THIS

  2. i need the date pls.

  3. Ok i cant wait first and fav anime ever:D

  4. The manga did return for a short while, but not the anime…

  5. Does anyone know when Highschool of the Dead season 2 on DVD comes out? Please let me know

    • Obviously not for a couple of years, since there isn’t even a season 2 yet. Ever since the manga got green lit all those months ago, only a single chapter has come out, and nothing else since. The manga has likely been cancelled due to the poor reception of their latest chapter, which means no new season, and therefore no new DVD. Maybe we’ll get an OVA, but I HIGHLY doubt it

  6. Yea, Its unfortunate the people running this site errantly posted this referring to Season 2. They really did jump the gun, but did go back and edit the text, adding in ‘manga’ to make it a bit more clear. But they didn’t change the internal link, that is still wrong. Season 2 is NOT coming out this spring, or summer, or fall, etc.

    It was wrong to post this as ‘season 2 spring 2013′ when all the news and what really happened was the release of an additional act of the manga this spring.

    You may want to let the fans on realitymod.com know that the link is in error.

  7. will it be in English?

  8. does it mater?? as long as we get new highschool of the dead episodes i’ll read the subtittles all day long (cause i will watch it all day long)

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